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As the world population is growing,

Digital Organizer is here as a solution

DSKNS VirtualYou, the Secure Cyber Personal

VirtualYou is Bridging the gap between

Citizens, Governments and Services.

Highly secured services for the identification,

tracking and monitoring of all imports/export goods,

assets in transit and tracking of revenues documentations to

beat fraud, theft and smuggling.

Welcome to Data Starkey Network Limited (DSNL)

Data Starkey Network System

Following the rapid rise in world population, Data Starkey Network System (DSKNS), an application of Cloud-Based computing technology, is being put together to offer value chain in secure data network service solutions, connected through deployed Remote Workstations (DRWS) and web-based database systems designed to specifically deliver value added services of IoT, driven digitally to Macro Customers (e.g. Government, NGO’s, Banks, Schools, Hospitals etc.) and to personal individuals from different walks of life i.e. Micro customers.

Biometric Data Capture Kits

C70E Handheld Computer

The Special Systems Terminals will be deployed at strategic places where DSKNS-VirtualYou is likely to be launched and used on regular basis for the utility of the cloud-based service applications that will mitigate the management of the vast, rapidly growing world population.

As the need for personal, corporate and asset identification increases in our current world of rapidly growing human populations, the deployment of the AITMS (Asset Identification, Tracking and Monitoring services) services of DSKNS becomes an extremely viable business case.

Similarly, The DSKNS – Virtual-You Service Applications Platform was designed to manage the rising need for accountability, transparency and record keeping which is fast becoming the culture in countries and organizations alike,  as well as the need for interactive, live databases at Big Data Cloud Centers which will soon become a necessity for a vast number of government agencies and business organizations worldwide.

Our Target Market

The DSKNS – VirtualYou Service Applications are likely to be launched at targeted locations like self-service kiosks or through self-service utility by personal individuals and mobile phone users which are expected to pass the five billion mark worldwide by 2020.

  • World human population is 7.7 billion as of June 2019
  • 200 million corporations worldwide
  • 4.3 billion internet users worldwide
  • 500 million internet users in African countries as of March 2019.
  • As at March 2019, Nigeria had 111.6 million internet users. Second-ranked Egypt had 49.23 million.
  • Thousands of valuable installed assets in oil & gas, banks and power generations & distribution
  • Nigerian human population of about 190m,
  • Government agencies & private organisations are Highly Valuable assets.
  • 15 million SMEs in Nigeria and the rest of Africa

Our Objectives

Our Objectives includes;

  • Eradication of Ghost Workers in the public and private organizations.
  • Instant automatic updates of personal and organizations profiles.
  • Electronic payments security and secure wage processing for Employees
  • Enhancing secure executions of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Relieves Operations
  • Automatic remittances of government taxation revenues
  • Medical, visas and academic records processing
  • Support for Virtual e-Driver’s license, virtual e-ID and virtual e-International Passport processing
  • Personal e-IDs’ live support for verification during visiting, traveling and online/offline business transactions
  • Support for Systems Terminals ranging from PCs, Workstations, Tablets, Smartphones, Handheld Computer devices, Self-service Kiosks and Aerial Surveillance Cameras, drones, robots and all IoTs, etc.
  • Taking banking and other financial institutions operations to the remotest areas of rural communities, campuses, military/paramilitary formations, barracks and villages thereby promoting financial inclusion.
  • Making tracking, monitoring and general physical security services of law enforcement agencies, very easy and safe from any location, worldwide
  • Database mining and security for personal and corporate individuals
  • Digital road traffic control/monitoring, vehicles road/compounds secure accessing, attendance registers at work, schools and visiting offices/homes
  • Supports mobile import/export goods physical examination, clearance, Customs Lung Rooms and operations